Agroturismo Santa Klara Nekazaletxea Zumaia

Panoramic Views from Santa Klara Country House and Apartment in Zumaia (Basque Country)

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"A beautiful window to the sea in Basque Country coast"

Santa Klara country house & apartment, located in the mountains of Zumaia, the Bay of Biscay at his feet, is a solidly built house, full of history and surrounded by woods, meadows and sea. Completely renovated in 2004, Santa Klara is in the old Route of Santiago, having been chapel and inn until 1771.

Santa Klara is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the rest that offers an incomparable natural environment. The mountain lovers can enjoy the roads and trails through the valleys and mountains of the environment. Itzurun beach, the beach more iodine in Europe, and the beach of Santiago will delight lovers of sun and surf.

In addition, a unique natural wonder can be seen in the sea cliffs of Zumaia, Deba and Mutriku villages, located in the Basque Country coast: The Flysch, million years of geological history written in successive rock strata due to the continuous action of the sea, have been uncovered and seen from our house Santa Klara.

Our guests can enjoy beautiful hiking trails and a myriad of things to do: paragliding, cycling trips, guided tours to the flysch, surf...

"In the Santa Klara country house we strive every day to make you feel at home and enjoy our earth in all its magnitude."

Ana Mari Eizagirre
Santa Klara country house owner

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